Our Social Responsiblity - Angel's Glam Foundation



Being raised by my late grandmother who was a market woman In Liberia I fully understand the struggle and stigma market  women face. Market women are not  fully respected as they should instead they’re look down upon. These women  work tirelessly selling anything they possibly can. (EX: rice, soup, pepper, fruits, veggies, meat, ETC).  Majority of the time these women make little or no profits to be able to provide for their families; whether putting their kids through school or to be able to put meals on the table.  My Goal through Angels’ Lips is to create an avenue the  “Angel’ Glams Foundation”  where certain amount of proceeds made can be donated to Market Women in Liberia. These funds can he used to help increase small businesses In Liberian and also help create jobs for the less fortunate.


Through Angel’s Glam we can give someone the opportunity they deserves to help provide for their family. donating to charity is the perfect opportunity to make a difference in the world and you can start By helping Angel’s Lips helps Market women in West Africa, Monrovia, Liberia.



Angel’s Glam Gala will be a yearly event held for market women In Liberia. This event focus is empowering women and helping their businesses through positive forms and workshops. Market Women are the backbone of Liberia and through the “Angel’s Glam Gala” we can show our appreciation by pampering and supporting these women in their business endeavors.  


How it works:  Each year 5 women will be chosen and nominated based on their impact in their community and the importance of their contribution to small businesses in Liberia.  At this Event each women will be given a glam makeover by our Angel’s Glam Makeup team and pampered for a day.  Prizes and gifts will be given to the 5 outstanding Market Women and as our appreciation for their hard work.  The goal is to expand this event each year and hope our 1st event is schedule to held 2015 in Monrovia, Liberia.  

Angel's Lips Teamed Up With Indigogo Crowdfunding To Raised Money For Women For Interantional Women Day

This March, in honor of International Women’s Day, Indiegogo is partnering with organizations and individuals to amplify opportunities for women by showcasing their campaigns for the week of March 3rd- 8th.  On Monday March 3rd & 8th, Indiegogo will contribute an extra dollar for every $25 raised by those campaigns